MonthlyStash Reviews

M.G, California

Loved the box, came with all the essentials. I loved all the rolling papers, I'm more a joint person so this really made things alot easier and quicker.

Anonymous, California

The piece had good airflow, I've never owned a cigarette roller, I'm usually caught rolling my own joints when it comes to papers, but this thing really made it easier to make them quick and easy. The Hemp wick from Linse made it a smoother smoke through the piece. Raw has and always will be my go too, I will always choose them over ZigZags only over flavor and duration of my smoke, the filters made it a lot easier because they were already rolled and they weren't uneven as if I were to have rolled them myself.

Anonymous, Washington

Love all the rolling papers, good variety

L.P., Washington D.C.

Great Quality

J.C, Florida

I was excited about everything in the box

J.C., Massachusetts

Very well rounded box

C.M, Indiana

Loved the box. We have already used most of the Juicy Jays. The Pouch papers are unique and seem fun, we are excited to try them. The Raw papers are a good staple to keep around and the grinder was a cool surprise. I like how a roller was included so we could use the papers right away. Our favorite thing was by far the glass piece.

C.C., Georgia

I love the mix of products in my stash! I received several products I have wanted to try but haven't had the chance, several staples I can't live without, and some stuff I was hoping to get! I am very excited to see what comes in next month.

L.M., Illinois

Anonymous, Georgia

Maybe some kind of blunt wrap

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